RTA M-wallet App for Driving Licence and Rc Book (2023)

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Carry a Driving Licence In Your Mobile

RTA M-wallet App

Nowadays, most people forget to carry a driving license and RC book. The application is available to store the driving license and RC book on mobile. We can keep any no of assignments and RC books on the mobile. Nowadays, almost all people are using smartphones, and all people are using many applications, but most people are unknown of the RTA M-wallet App; by downloading this application no need to carry a driving license and RC book.

Steps to  Register in RTA M-wallet App  Now:

1. You can download the RTA M-WALLET through the play store.

Click on the link below to directly redirect to the play store RTA M-WALLET.

Download Wallet Now

2. After downloading the application (app), it’s time to register By providing your name, email id, and mobile number.

3. After that, you will get the OTP to your mobile number and the OTP to enter the mobile number at the time of registration. (OTP is must Verify Mobile Number)

4. Enter the OTP. OTP, you will get to the mobile in the form of numbers.

After it will show

4. Your name will show on the right side.

5. Now click on the ADD NEW that you can see below.

After that, you will see the license and RC.

If you want to add a DRIVING LICENCE, click on DRIVING LICENCE.

6. Enter some mandatory details such as   License number, Date of birth

Rta division

clicks on the RTA division.

That is available on the license card.

7. And if you want to add an RC book, click on RC

8. Then enter the registration number and the last five digits chassis number available on the RC book.

9. After the click on get, you will see the license and RC book on the wallet.

You can add any no of licenses and RC books.

If you are already registered, enter the registered mobile number, and you will get the OTP. Enter the OTP to log in.

Enter the OTP to login

RTA M-wallet AppNow you can check your Licence and Rc book.


This is a handy app, and most people are using the app. If you have this app, you do not need to carry the Licence and the Rc book. This is a good initiative by the government to download apps and avails this facility now. Comment below to tell us if it helped you.

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