By Madapathi Nagaraju

A BANK  is a financial institution that accepts deposits from the public and creates credit. Lending activities can be performed either directly or indirectly through capital markets. Banking is very important in our life. Nowadays, most people are worried about knowing their bank balance and mini statement. Now, it is easy to know the account balance and mini statement by calling the numbers without any charges by the registered mobile number.

Banking business means receiving money on a current or deposit account, paying and collecting cheques drawn by or paid in by customers, making advances to customers, and including such other business as the Authority may prescribe for this Act.

Types of banking.

Banks’ activities can be divided into:

  • RETAIL BANKING, dealing directly with individuals and small businesses;
  • BUSINESS BANKING, providing services to mid-market businesses;
  • CORPORATE BANKING, directed at large business entities;
  • PRIVATE BANKING, providing wealth management services to high net-worth individuals  and families;
  • INVESTMENT BANKING, relating to activities on the financials.

Most banks are profit-making private enterprises. However, some are owned by the government or are non-profit organizations.

Banks provide different payment services, and most businesses and individuals consider a bank account indispensable. Non-banks that provide payment services, such as remittance companies, are normally not considered an adequate substitute for a bank account.

To Know Bank Balance and Mini Statement:

An easy way to know your bank balance and the mini statement is by calling the numbers through the registered mobile number in your bank.

BANK NAME                  BALANCE ENQUIRY                                    MINI STATEMENT

  • STATE BANK OF INDIA       09223766666                                                09223866666
  •   AXIS                                  18004195959                                               18004196969
  •  ANDRA BANK                   09223011300                                               ————–
  • ICICI BANK                         02230256767                                                02230256868
  • CANARA BANK                  09015483483                                                09015734734
  • HDFC BANK                        18002703333                                                  18002703355
  • SYNDICATE BANK               09241442255                                                        ——-
  • KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK    18002740110                                               ——–
  • YES BANK                             09223920000                                                09223921111
  • DCB BANK                            07506660011                                                 07506660022
  • VIJAYA BANK                       18001035525                                                 18001035535
  • CORPORATION BANK         09268892688                                                         —–
  • BANK OF BARODA              08468001111                                                    08468001122
  • CANARA BANK                    09015483483                                                      09015734734
  • FEDERAL BANK                    08431900900                                                        08431600600
  • DHANALAKSHMI BANK       08067747700                                                        08067747711
  • PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK   18001802222                                                         ———

Here are the link banks and their mini statement and balance inquiry numbers.

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